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People Behind our Awesome Projects

Bruce Kamm CTB

Bruce is reinventing non-cash payments, rewards, reviews and commerce. As company founder, he has more than 40 years’ experience in sales, marketing, advertising, promotion, information technology and barter. Merging domain expertise in the reciprocal trade industry with software architecture, application design and development, as well as processing and redemption platforms, Bruce is guiding the company's initiatives to deliver a wealth of opportunities for exchanges, chambers of commerce, business networks, organizations and associations.

Don Gerhold
Exchange Ringmaster

Don is a highly regarded industry consultant involved in barter for over 30 years. He has owned two trade exchanges, worked as Director of Marketing and VP of major exchanges, and helped many others grow their exchanges. We are privileged to have Don working with Virtual Barter for almost 10 years. He assists trade exchange with setup, best practices and new member marketing, as well as offers a mentoring program for new exchanges.

Rachel Haviland, Ph.D.
Marketing Technologist

Rachel has a Ph.D. and graduated summa cum laude. She focuses on Inbound Marketing, Social Media Design & Management. Rachel blends 17 years in scientific research with cutting-edge techniques to bring a unique perspective to VirtualBarter's marketing. An experienced writer, trainer and speaker with an entrepreneurial mindset, Rachel creates innovative marketing solutions to produce results driven campaigns.

Andrew Jackson
Social Media Community

Andrew makes us social. He uses the latest strategies in online marketing to promote our ideas and principles into the vast world of social media. Andrew has over ten years experience as an international journalist and copywriter, has traveled to over 30 countries, and speaks five languages. He prides himself on enhancing and exploring various methods of online communication, and facilitating online conversations between businesses and clients.



Support is critical to the smooth operation of our trade exchange. In this respect, Bruce and the VirtualBarter team have demonstrated a high degree of dedication and professionalism commonly lacking from other software providers. We are completely satisfied, and I highly recommend VirtualBarter for trade exchanges to improve member satisfaction and increase trade volume.

Scot W. Mathewson
President iTradeEarth, Inc.

Starting a new company can be scary, but having the help from everyone at Virtual Barter has made it a lot easier and helped to guide me through my first year of business. As a third party provider it says a lot about them that they are so willing to go the extra mile in order to help their clients out.

Tommy Leslie

One of the most important features I found when Global X first started out, was that the VirtualBarter software could grow as your company grew. The software became very easy to adapt as our company grew. I highly recommend Bruce and teh VirtualBarter team to both new barter companies and well established exchanges, as we could not be happier.

Randy Wolfe

When I started comparing the top options for exchange software a few years ago, I was looking for a platform that could support a global clearinghouse for Trade Brokers and their clients everywhere. The features and flexibility of the vBarter platform based on the specifications of one of America's most successful career trade brokers, the amiable Bruce Kamm, best suited our needs. Most importantly, Bruce shared my vision and the VirtualBarter team has been most accommodating of my customization requirements.

Steve Dale
Collective Currency

I have been looking at software for years, and VirtualBarter has pretty much every component I was looking for. And for the components it didn't have, Bruce was very willing to add the functionality. The biggest advantage of VirtualBarter is Bruce Kamm, who has over 25 years’ experience in the industry. Bruce is not just a software developer, but he actually has real world industry experience in running his own exchange. VirtualBarter and their technology team are going to change this industry!

Kevin Daly

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